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Drupal Tutorial - Add an About Us page

Now that you have created and set a Home page for your website, you can add some more content to it by adding an About us or a Services page. 

The process of creating a static page is similar to the one you followed to create your Home page, but with some small changes.

To start, like before, navigate to Content > Add Content > Basic Page. When the page load, add the content you want your new About us page to have. A page like this one could give some general information to your visitors about who you are, what you do, your phone number, your email, your address or your location in a map. It could also have some photos of your employees with some info about each one and even some photos of your offices.

Before you save your content, scroll down and expand the URL path settings tab. On the right of the page, you can set the URL address for this particular page. For the "About us" page you can type "about_us". It would be good to note it somewhere because you will need it later for the menu creation. 

The selected URL it would be good to have a human meaning in order someone to be able to understand it by only looking at it but also memorize it easily. 

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