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Drupal Tutorial - Main Menu configuration

It's important your visitors or clients to be able to find and navigate easily into the different categories and parts of your website, for this reason it's good to place a well organised menu at the top of your website. In this menu we will link the pages we created in the previous steps of this tutorial.

Edit the Main Menu and set up the elements order

To find all the available menus go to Structure > Menus, where you will also see the Main Menu that's created automatically from Drupal and is shown already in your website. Inside it there is already an available option for your website's homepage.

To add more links in this menu click the List Links link next to it to see all the links already added in it. Then click the Add Link link at the top.

Next type a Title and a path for the new menu link. For this example we will type "About us" and as a link "about_us" as we set them in a previous step of this tutorial. Finally click Save at the bottom of the page to save your new menu option.

Another issue that should concern a webmaster about the menus is the right order of the links within them.

If your menu contains many links and you want to change their order, you can do this easily. As before, go to Structure > Menus > List Links where you will see the list of all your links in the selected menu. To change the order of the links all you have to do is drag and drop each item you want to move while holding the cross icon  next to it. When you are ready click the Save Configuration button to save your changes.

If you reload your website now you will see that the Main Menu has the options you added in the order you selected.

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