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How can I improve the look of my site?

There is definitely a huge number of active websites: corporate websites, personal blogs, online communities, promotional sites and more. But they do not characterized all as successful. One of a website's failure factors can be it's appearance of. The visitor of your website will have to be impressed at least by its appearance to remain and navigate to it. To return again, your website should be different from others and has its own character.

If you already have your own website, you can take a look at the following points to make sure it's appearance follows the basic design principles and are pleasant to the visitor. Before you start your check, you will need to answer two very important questions:

  1. Who is your websites target?
  2. What might not be attractive to your site's visitor?

Determining the user group to whom your website targets, helps you locate their needs them and the usefulness of your own website and customize it appropriately and make it aesthetically perfect, but also helps visitors find what they are looking for. If you are not in your website's target group of visitors in your website, you can draw information either through primary research (for example with an online questionnaire) or observing competitors or other related websites. The second question is perhaps more difficult to answer. In this case you can make a survey on other related websites, but in this case it might be quite useful a specialist's opinion.

Some of the points you can give more emphasis in your research, or after you finish, to get the result you want, is the following:


Your site must be balanced. What this means in practice; That the components of your site, such as images, text, buttons, or other graphic elements should be distributed in such a way that do not tire the user, do not create gaps and simultaneously, it is easy to identify or direct your visitor to the desired actions.


The color is the primary means by which we can draw the visitor's attention. There are fixed rules regarding the shade, the combinations and the number of colors that can be used on a website. What you should mainly have in your mind is that you choose up to 3 colors, so you do not end up in a tedious for the user result. You can then play with the shades of these colors and the relevant pallet. Try - you will surely find a color combination that expresses you while it aesthetically harmonious, and creative.


A suitable picture often can achieve better results than a corresponding text. It can easily capture the message you want to show in a simple and attractive way and stay in your visitors mind for longer time. If the photos are very important for your website (a product presentation or a gallery with photos of the rooms of a hotel, for example), do not be tempted to use free images you will find online or makeshift and amateur shots. Usually it is a better idea to add some new photos from a professional photographer with the right equipment.


It is important to use one font throughout your site, unless you wish to give special emphasis to some points. It would be good for your headers to have the same style and size everywhere, while it might be best to avoid the different color of the text (unless it is a link to another page) and often is tedious and can be confusing to the visitor.


It is mentioned previously that there will not be a large area of the site being left empty, creating problems in the balance, however the appropriate boxes at appropriate points can relax the visitor and enables him to move in the site with greater comfort and ease. If the gaps used in the right way, they pay emphasis at points of interest to promote more.

All these points are equally important, their right combination, however, can create the perfect site. The more robust aesthetically is your website, the more likely it is to succeed it's aim, in which case you'll need to be careful in the configuration. Last but not least a point that needs your attention, is how friendly is your website for mobile devices, as more and more users accessing the Internet through their mobile device, and search engines privilege the sites that follow this principle. Except the mobile version of your site, it would be better if manufactured in such a way that it is responsive, a firm may be adapted to all mobile devices, depending on their size.

If you follow all these tips, chances are that your site has now acquired a particularly attractive appearance!

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