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How can I make my own Drupal site?

Drupal is a popular open source application with a very large user community. Drupal would say that is modern than old as it always had modular structure based on framework logic, which allowed it to have a loyal community of users and developers over time.

To create a Drupal website you will only need some basic computer skills as there is high automation in the installation procedures and the Drupal community has solutions for all known problems. In order to have a complete and functional site created in Drupal will need:

  1. A domain name
  2. A web hosting account
  3. Installation of Drupal CMS in your hosting package

Find a domain name

The supply of domain names is done by domain name registrars. IP.GR is one of the first name registrars authorized in Greece, with long experience in this field. See how you can register a domain name in IP.GR.

In case you create your website locally is not necessary to have a domain name in your possession at the beginning. But when you want to upload it online you need a domain name, so follow the instructions of the above link.

Select a web hosting package

IP.GR has web servers for hosting your Drupal webapage. In the hosting packages page you can see all the available hosting packages and select one that better fits your needs. Find out how you can obtain one of the hosting packages here.

If you want to make your page first on your computer rather than on a real (live) server, you can install a web server for development on your computer and run the page through it. For windows you can use the wamp, xampp, etc., for MACos the MAMP while for Linux you can make a LAMP install. When you reach the final stage of your application, you will need to purchase a hosting package to a real server to upload your webpage you created locally on your computer.

Once you become the owner of the domain of your choice and the hosting package that suits your needs, you can link them together.

Install Drupal CMS on your hosting package

If you have a hosting package in IP.GR you have 2 methods to install Drupal CMS:

If you have not a hosting package and you create your webpage locally, then extract the installation file inside your project's folder and follow the steps to manually install as described above. For the creation of the database you can use phpMyAdmin by selecting Create database that you find in it. The remaining steps are the same.

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