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How can I redesign my website?

For every website it is essential to be able to achieve its goal, whether it is to collect subscribers or sell products and services. Unfortunately, there are many websites that are not going so well at this part. If your own website facing some similar problems, you may want to take a look at the following steps to see how you can redesign it in order to come up with something beautiful and more functional.

Of course these steps can not be performed solely by you. To redesign your website it is very important to trust the right people with the necessary experience to avoid the risk your new website continue to have problems. However, you should know the procedure in order to be able to answer any questions that your colleagues will ask you about the rebuild, and to be able to check that your new website actually performs better than the previous one.

Step 1

Both you and your partners who will undertake the task of redesign, will need to initially move to a market research of websites similar to yours. Seeing your competitors websites, you can get an idea of what your visitors expect to see when they visit your own website. You should also create a profile of the ideal visitor/customer. The profile of the visitors you'd like to visit your website is essentially that will determine its style, its appearance and its functionality. When you collect the data you need, then you will need to get in touch with your colleagues and inform them about your requirements and the results you expect from the redesign process. Based on this information, your colleagues will suggest the appropriate solutions.

An important part in this stage, is to also check what features of your site are problematic and which may no longer be needed. Maybe the aesthetic part is what will initially attract visitors to your website, but its functionality is what will turn them into regular visitors, subscribers, or customers.

Step 2

In this step we will analyze the architecture that your website follows (wireframe). You need to decide whether changes are needed in your website's look, if your text windows need to be smaller or larger, or where to be located, to improve its aesthetics and achieve the purpose of your website. To accomplish this, it is advisable to request either a custom template or a template that can be perfectly adapted to your website's needs.

Step 3

At this point you can make a first review and analysis of the changes made to your website. Your colleagues should be able to present you with a first impression of how your website will be formed after the redesign and suggest any additional changes or corrections. For evaluation, you should always keep in mind that the purpose of your website is not to impress you but your visitors. Their own needs should always be the guiding principle.

Step 4

Now your new website need to be constructed by your colleagues. This stage does not require your help, but you need to be informed about its evolution and check it as regularly as possible. 

Step 5

Now your new website will need to be uploaded and be evaluated in comparison with the previous version. However before you do this you should do a comprehensive check that everything is working properly. Make sure the website is exactly as you discussed and all the links inside it are working properly and lead to the correct pages and that there is a backup so that it can be restored if anything goes wrong.

If everything is OK, you can begin to compare it with your old website. You can connect your website with Google Analytics through which you can see the number of your visitors, bounce rates and time spent on your new website by the users and other equivalent metrics, which will give you a good idea for the choice you made.

You should know that the redesign process can be quite chaotic and it is very important to have confidence in the company that will help you improve your website. Before doing anything, you must first make sure that the redesign is a good choice for your website and if you judge it is necessary, do not hesitate to do it.

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