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How to edit the General Settings of your WordPress website?

Inside the WordPress General Settings page you can edit some settings of your website like the Title and the Tagline, the Language, the Privacy settings, the Related Posts settings, the Timezone, Time and Date format, Week Start On settings and the Blog Picture.

To edit the General Settings of your website login as WordPress administrator and navigate to Settings > General Settings. 

Title and Tagline

The first options you will see are the Title and Tagline settings of your website. The Title can be anything and even something completely different from the name of your website. It appears in various parts of a page as the browser window and is used by most of the themes as the header of the page. It also appears as the sender when your followers receive alerts by email.

By default WordPress does not allow you to set a custom title for each post or page you create. But there are available additional plugins like All in One SEO Pack, that can add this option.

The Tagline can be used as a description for your website or to display a phrase (slogan) that represent it. Most themes display the tagline under the title, or the side of the page.


This option sets the Language that your website and the messages will be displayed by the chosen theme. Also if you select a (RTL, Right To Left) language then the theme is adjusted in order to correctly display the page.


The Privacy Settings allows you to control who can and who can not see your website. They are divided into the following three categories:
  • Public - With this option your website is accessible by anyone and can be indexed by search engines.
  • Hidden - If you select to set it as "hidden" then your website could be visited by anyone who has the link for it. Search engines will not index your page for web searches. (Note that not all search engines respect this and may continue to show your website in searches if they have previously indexed it).
  • Private - This option will make your website private. It can only be displayed by registered users on that you have invited. You can invite people from the People > Add option by putting the email address or the username of the user that you want to have access to your website. Other visitors to your page will see the "Protected Blog" message and if they are already logged into their account will have the option to "request access".

Related Posts

The Related Posts setting, is used if you want at the end of every post to show other posts with similar/related content. If enabled then you have two additional options: 
  • View the Related word to separate the content of the relevant articles of the central post at the top.
  • A Large Layout option to use large icons for the related articles content. 

Timezone, Time and Date Format, Week Starts On

You can change the Timezone of your website so that your articles will show the correct publication time depending on your country. For example, the time zone of Greece is EET (Eastern European Time)

The Time and Date Format settings define how the time and date will be shown in your articles. You can choose if you want 24-hour or 12-hour time format and the display order of the day, month and year on the date or if it will be displayed as numerical or with words.

Finally the Week Starts On setting allows you to select the first day of the week as is customary in your area of residence. For example for Greece is Monday.

Blog Picture

The Blog Picture is shown at various parts of your website. Placed as a favicon in the window of your browser and as a shortcut icon on mobiles or bookmarks.
Upload the photo of your choice (jpeg, png) at a size at least of 128x128 and crop it square (if not already) at the next step. Once you do this, the photo will be set as your website's icon.

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