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How to install Drupal manually?
Uploading the application, database creation and installation.

If you want to install the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) manually, you can follow the easy steps below:

  1. The fist step is to download the installation file from the website by selecting the latest stable version.
  2. Then you have to upload it to the public_html directory of your hosting account. This can be done through an FTP client application like FileZilla or through the cPanel > File Manager > Upload file(s)
  3. Next through File Manager, navigate to the .zip file you just uploaded and extract it by selecting it and clicking the Extract link. A new sub-folder will be created named something like this drupal-x.x.x., where x.x.x. is the current available version, then you will have to move the files of this folder a level up at the desired installation folder. Another option is to extract the zip file in your computer and then upload the files into the desired folder on your server using FTP. Either way, when you type your websites address eg. in your browser you will see the Drupal installation guide. If you want you can create a sub-folder and upload the installation files inside it, then the Drupal installation will be available at the subfolder address eg.
  4. When you finish with the extraction you need to create a MySQL database for Drupal. You can do this through cPanel > MySQL Databases. There you have to create a database and add a user with the appropriate permissions.
  5. Navigate to your Drupal website URL and run the install.php file (eg. or
  6. Next select a language for your website.
  7. Then type the credentials for the database you created at the 4th step and click the Save and Continue button.
  8. Finally type your websites information and your login details and click the Save and Continue button. The installation process is now complete. 

If you want you can skip the manual installation and use the Installatron tool for an automated installation. You can find Installatron inside the cPanel of your hosting account. 

Even if you are transferring your Drupal website from an other server to our servers in IP.GR, you can synchronize your Drupal installation using Installatron for automated backups, quick updates to newer versions and auto update installation with auto roll back in case of failure.

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