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Http Error 404 on Drupal - what does it mean?

There are several reasons of a "404 not found" error to show up. The two most common reasons for this error to show up in a website are the following:

The content you are trying to load is not available

If a link in your website shows up an "404 not found" error, we advise you to check if this link is the right and if the page you are trying to access is available and has been uploaded to the right location in the server. This is the main reason of this error message.

The friendly/clean URLs functionality is not set up correctly

Very often in order to enable the friendly/clean URLs functionality you have to modify the .htaccess file. A common reason for the "404 not found" error is because of incomplete or wrong code inside the .htaccess file or the wrong setting of the friendly/clean URLs functionality.

So, if you see an "404 not found" error, after you have enabled the friendly/clean URLs functionality in your application, it would be good to check the .htaccess file carefully for any code mistakes or omissions.

If you are not able to moderate the .htaccess file you can request help from a qualified technician from IP.GR.

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