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Installation of OpenCart theme

With OpenCart you have the ability to adjust the appearance of your online shop.

Download a theme from the Marketplace and follow the steps bellow to install it to your site.
  1. Download the theme which is more suitable for your. The theme will be in a zip format.

  2. Unzip it and upload the files in the directory in which Opencart is installed, according to the instructions that the theme creator provide usually in a .txt file

  3. Login to Opencart's Administration Panel

  4. To the the navigation menu click Extensions → Extensions

  5. To the window that will appear, to the option filters choose Themes

  6. In field action (right side) click Edit

  7. In Theme Directory field change “default” with the name of the theme you choose. In our case we used “journal2”

  8. Save and visit to your site to see the result

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