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Themes for Drupal

Drupal themes can easily change the appearance of your website with a little or no effort at all. 

A Drupal installation includes a lot pre-installed themes that you can change from the administration panel. In order to do this you just have to navigate to Administer > Appearance and then select the theme that you want to use for your website.

How to install a new Drupal theme?

If you want to install additional themes, you can find them in the official Drupal resources website and through the automated Install new theme option in the Appearance page you can add it to your website. 

You can also install a theme manually by uploading the compressed file in the Drupal installation directory and then through cPanel > File Manager extract it in the themes subfolder. 

If you prefer to use an FTP client application, you can extract the theme files in your computer and then upload them in the themes subfolder of the Drupal installation directory.

If everything goes well you will see your new theme with all the other installed themes in the Appearance category. You can enable it if you want to set it as the default for your website.

Additionally inside the Update tab you can see the themes that need an update and from the Settings category you can manage the general appearance settings for your website.

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