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What are Search Engines?


According to wikipedia, a search engine is an application that allows you to search text and files on the Internet.  

It consists of a computer program that is located on one or more servers on which creates a database of information collected from the internet, and the interactive environment that appears to the end user who uses the application from another computer connected to the Internet.

Everyday tool?

The use of search engines and much more Google's is for most people an everyday element. All of us have entered the process to look for something on the internet that we consider it is interesting

The easy access to information is a temptation that is difficult to avoid and it is also the power of the internet, you can easily and quickly find information about the subjects that interest you.

Daily use has affected even our way of expression so we all have integrated words like "googling" in our vocabulary.

Commercial exploitation

Search engines are used a lot by shoppers worldwide so they are an important part in consumption and advertising. Consumers with their search entries are shaping the keywords for products and services and supply with these the search engines. 

The companies that want to be displayed in search engine results, are multiplied, and there is much competition for the top positions in the results, which led to the development of another industry of the Search Engine Optimization - SEO that includes manufacturing techniques and website networking to offer better positions in the results.

Imagine how powerful are the search engines that they bridge the gap between people who want to find something and the websites that have the desired product or information.

There are many search engines on the Internet with the most known globally those of GoogleBing and Yahoo!

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