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What is Joomla?

One of the most used and famous CMS (Content Management Systems), Joomla! is the application that you can use to publish a personal website, or an entire corporate website. It is adaptable to enterprise-scale environments such as intranets of large companies or organizations. It provides it's users with great expandability.

Joomla! is an Open Source application. The use of Joomla! is free. You are free to use, modify and explore its potential without having to pay a license to anyone.

Regarding the mode operation, Joomla! installs on a server, named the web server. The user can access the management interface through a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Since you are the manager, you can add any text or graphic, and create your websites. You can use Joomla! on your own, by downloading the latest version of the Joomlaforge. If you want, you can learn more on the official website (in English) or the Greek site support, the . Once you install it, you can search for instructions in the forum and the help websites.

The knowledge level that is required for the use of the application, is like the use of an editor. In generally, it depends on what you want to do with Joomla!. Will be times when you will need the support of a professional, when you need to use specialized and advanced options of Joomla!. In any case, you have the control: post whatever and whenever you want.

You also don't need web programming skills or to buy a software. All you need is a browser. At an advanced level, as for modifications or creating templates, or for photo editing, you need to have a text editor or photo editor respectively.

The application can be used in large range cases. Some use Joomla! for fun, for the construction of a personal or family website. By integrating various, available free, additional tools / extensions, you can expand the options and the features of Joomla!, making it an application reliable for the development of major corporate websites.

You can even alter the image of Joomla!, as it has a strong templating engine, which enables you to use your own, custom template. For this purpose, you can either create your own template, or download from the internet one of the hundreds (about 500) that are free, or buy some of those sold, or order one from a professional. Once your template is created, you do not need more than three clicks, so the content of your site to adapt to the template's form. Selecting a new template, you do not need to modify the content of your site, when you choose a new template, your content is presented automatically under the new artist. You can even select different templates for the different parts of your site.

Briefly we will mention some of the most popular options of Joomla!:

1. You can add content to your site from any computer with an Internet connection. Enter text, upload images and publish.
2. Use Joomla! to work with those who can contribute to the editing of the content. You can give the possibility to your partners to publish content under their duties. They can do it from any computer with an Internet connection
. 3. You can post unlimited pages, without being restricted by Joomla! Additionally, you can search content and archive them
4. The application supports advertising banners: so you can promote your own products and services, or use them as an advertising medium for third parties.
5. Add fora, photo galleries, file libraries, guestbooks and contact forms: a few of the hundreds of additional applications circulating about Joomla!

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