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How phpBB community software works?

The Forum phpBB software has been designed to help you build an interactive community with users/members. Visitors have to register and then can participate in discussions with others who have common interests on specific topics.


Usually a tool like Installatron can install phpBB for you. Installatron is an application that installs other applications and takes care of a big part of the installation process, such as the creation of the database and it's user selection, setting up the correct structure of folders etc.

Except the automated installation using a tool, phpBB can be installed manually too. You can follow the detailed instructions on How to install phpBB manually in the corresponding article in our Knowledge base.

Login to control panel

This is very simple in phpBB, because all users, moderators and administrators, login at the same location, as there is no specific URL or a different web address for administrators and privileged users.

Forum creation

When the application is installed, you will have to create your first forum. Without a forum, users do not have anything to interact. A forum is a place where users will post their discussion topics and will answer others. Often these are organized into broad categories to provide a better user experience.

User creation

Members will have to create accounts in order to post to the forum. Account creation is an easy process which is done by pressing the Register button at the home page of the website.

Topic creation

When users register or login, they can contribute to the community by creating topics. This is the basic purpose of a community. Users will start their own conversations about topics they are interested to. 

Response creation

When a user creates a topic or a post, then this is visible from all the registered community members and is available for conversation, through a response in a thread.

User management

When a community gets bigger, at a point some help might needed for user management. For this purpose user groups can be created or moderators and other administrators can be added. All this member types can have different access levels for various tasks in the community. 

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