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Advises to improve WordPress performance

WordPress is one of the most well known applications of content management systems (CMS) for websites available today. The following advises could help with the performance of a website's WordPress installation:

  • A simple process is to optimize the website's database. This can be done easily and automatically using a plugin like WP-DB Manager which can be found in the official WordPress plugin page using the search field.
  • An other solution to improve a website's loading performance is to install and enable a caching plugin like the WP-Cache which can also be found in the official WordPress plugin page using the search field.
  • You could check your website using the online tool in the This tool can give valuable information about modifications that can be done in a website to improve its performance.
  • Finally a good practice is to reduce the amount of the outgoing links that connects your website with other outside pages and the number of the plugins that are installed in the website. Leave only the ones that are necessary.

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