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How can I find and install WordPress Plugins?

One of the best features in Wordpress, is the ability to provide their users to customize their site to their own requirements, with Plugins. The Plugins downloaded easily and are installed only inminutes. So you can easily customize the function of your site.

To find and install your own Plugin, you can follow these steps:

1. Login to WordPress Dashboard.

Wordpress - login to dashboard

2. After login, select Plugins menu on Dashboard, and click Add New.

Wordpress - plugins selection

3. Use the Search Plugin field to find the plugin you want.

Wordpress - plugin search

4. In our example, we search for the keyword Facebook. The Wordpress returns all plugins associated with Facebook. In each of these, there is the option More Details. From there you can find more on the functionality of the Plugin, and to see if it gives you what you need.

Wordpress - plugin installation

5. If you finally decide to use some of the plugins, click the Install Now button next to the plugin that interests you.

6. After successful installation of your plugin, you should see this screen:

Wordpress - successful plugin installation

7. If you would like to use this plugin on your site, you must click on the Activate Plugin. To change your plugin settings, return to the Dashboard home page and select Plugins, then select Settings.

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