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How to build submenus in your Joomla website?

If you want to arrange the menus in your website to be categorized into menus and sub-menus then Joomla provides the option to create drop-down menus.

The procedure is similar to the creation of simple menu items. The difference is that in order to create a drop-down menu item you need to select a menu item as a Parent for it.

Creating a drop-down sub-menu

To create a drop-down menu on your website:

  • Navigate to Menus > Manage > Add New Menu if you want to add a new menu item first or to Menus > select a menu > Add New Menu Item
  • For the purposes of our example we assume that we already have an Parent menu item named Recipes
  • Then create a new menu item with the desired Title for example Desserts.
  • Click Select next to the Menu Item Type tag to select the type of this menu item.
  • In the window that appears, select the Articles category and then the Single Article option.
  • Then next to the Select Article tag click the Select button to select the article for this menu item, for example an article with the recipe of a dessert. Make your choice from the window that will appear.
  • To create the Desserts sub-menu below the Recipes menu you will have to select a Parent menu for this item. Find the Parent Item tag on the right and click the drop-down menu next to it where you will have to select the Recipes as a Parent menu item. 
  • Finally click the Save button at the top of the page to keep your changes. 

Now if you visit your website and hover your mouse over the Recipes Parent Menu you will see the new sub-menu named Desserts that you created below it.

If you don't want your Parent menu item to load any particular page but only show the sub-menus then there is a solution for that too.  

  • While you create the Parent menu you will have to select an empty URL for it.
  • To do this in the Menu Item Type option you will have to select System Links > External URL.
  • Then on the Link field type the # symbol.
  • Finally click the Save button to save your Parent menu item. 
The Parent menu item will not load a particular page when you click on it and it will only display the sub-menu items below it.

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