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How to change and customize your WordPress website theme?

Changing the theme of your WordPress website is really simple and very easy.

Set a theme

Navigate to Appearance > Themes. There you will see the already installed themes in your website (many come pre-installed with WordPress) you can select and enable any of them to change your website's appearance.

If you want to add a new theme you can click the Add New option at the top of the page. There are thousands of available themes you can use. Make sure that the theme you will choose is from a reliable source like the official WordPress theme page.

Customize a theme

Depending on the theme you will use for your website there are several additional customization settings you can make to it through the control panel.

To start with your theme's customization, navigate to Appearance > Themes and find your website's enabled theme. Then click the Customize button next to its title.

You will be redirected to the customization page where the changes you make will appear in real time. On the left will be the list of the available options and on the right will be a live preview of your website where you will see how these changes affect it.

The available options vary depending on the theme you have chosen, such as modifying the background color, add an image as background and many others. Once you are happy with the result click the Save & Publish button to save your changes to your website.

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