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How to change the favicon of your Joomla website?

The favicon of your website appears on your browser's tab. It is also used as a bookmark or a shortcut icon to your website. Although not an essential setting for your website it is good to change your favicon in order to customize your website to you or your business.

The favicon.ico file is stored in the folder of the template you are using, inside the templates folder of your Joomla installation directory, templates/name_of_template_in_use. To change the icon of your website you have to replace this favicon.ico file with your own file of the same type. To make this change you can use the File Manager tool from your cPanel or an FTP client.

Your new favicon.ico image should have a minimum size of 16*16px to 64*64px. To create a new icon, you can use an image editing application on your computer or an icon generator from the many available websites on the internet like the

When you replace the favicon.ico file of your template folder, reload your website to see your new icon.

If your new icon is not displayed that does not mean that you did something wrong. Try reloading your website by pressing the SHIFT + F5 key combination on your keyboard. If again you can not see your new icon you can try to clear your browser's cache and try reloading your website again.

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