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How to configure your WordPress website privacy

The Privacy settings allow you to control who can and who can not see a website page.

To change the privacy of your website, log in as a WordPress administrator and navigate to Settings > General Settings. It will open the General Settings page where you can edit a lot of your website's settings. There you will find the Privacy settings too. This setting has available the following three options:

Privacy Settings

  • Public - This option allows your website to be accessible by all visitors and to be indexed by search engines. 
  • Hidden - If you select this option your website could be seen by all visitors that they have the link for it. Search engines will not index your website in their search results. (Note that not all search engines respect this option and may continue to show your website in their search results.)
  • Private - This option will make your website private. So it can only be seen by registered people on that have been invited by you. You can add people from the People > Add menu by typing the email address or the username of the user you want to provide access. Other visitors to your website will only see the message "Protected Blog" and if they are already logged into their account they will have the option to "Request Access".

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