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How to create a photo gallery in your WordPress website?

To add a photo gallery in a WordPress post is really easy and similar as adding multimedia in it. You can add a lot of images as a photo gallery into a post that will be shown arranged into small icons.

To create a post and add a photo gallery in it you will have to navigate to Posts > Add New. Edit your new post and click the Add Media button at the top of the text editor.  

In the popup window select the Create Gallery option from the left side. At the top of the page you will see two tabs. Choosing the Upload Files option you can upload new images from your computer and choosing Media Library you can select images from the already uploaded files in you website.

Select the images you want by pressing the CTRL button on your keyboard and clicking every image that you want to be added into your photo gallery. When you finish click the Create New Gallery button at the right side.

At the next tab you can change settings about your new photo gallery: 

  • the way the images will open when they are clicked
  • the number of the rows, columns, and the size of the images

When you are ready, click the Insert Gallery button. 

Finally click the Publish button to create your new post in your website. 

Now if you visit your website you will see your new post with a photo gallery you have just created.

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