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How to create and link articles in the menu of your Joomla website?

With Joomla you can create many different types of pages in order to build your website, from simple pages containing articles until more complex ones using Components. 

If you want to create a simple article page and display it in a menu of your website you can follow the quick and easy steps below.

Article creation

To create an article that contains text, multimedia and/or links you can use the Content > Article > Add New Article option from the Joomla control panel menu.

Then you will see the new article page where you can write and format the text of your article, add multimedia, links etc.

When you are ready, click the Save button at the top of the page. Be sure to set the Status of the article as Published and its category as Blog to post it on your website.

Connecting an article in the website's menu

Once your new article is ready if you want you can connect it to one of your website's menu so your visitors can find it easier. 

To connect your new article into a menu of your website you need to use the Menus option from the Joomla control panel.

To do this:

  • Navigate to Menus > Manage > Add New Menu if you want to add a new menu item first or to Menus > select a menu > Add New Menu Item. For example the Main Menu of your website. 
  • In the menu item page add a Menu Title for it.
  • Then click the Select button next to the Menu Item Type tag. 
  • In the window that appears, select the Articles > Single Article type. 
  • Then next to the Select Contact label click the Select button and select the new Article that you created.
  • Finally click the Save button to save your new menu item.

If you visit the Home Page where the Main Menu is, you will see the new Article menu item you just added.

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