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How to display the Read more option for articles in your Joomla website?

If the articles you post on your website do not have the same size and you would like to have a uniformity in the way they shown you can use the Read More button. 

Your visitors will see a part of the article that you will choose as an introduction and if they want to read the whole article they will be able to click the Read More button. In the picture below you can see the difference in an article with and without a Read More button.

Joomla Caching Settings

To add the Read More option in an article you should: 

  • Navigate to the Articles tab, edit an already existing article or create a new one as in the picture below: 
  • Joomla Caching Settings

  • When creating/editing an article you will have to decide where ti will be divided into introduction and the rest of the text
  • Click where you want to split the article and then click the ⌄Read More button at the top of the text editor. 
  • You will see a dotted red line, which separates your article into two parts. the part of your article over the red line is displayed and the part below the red line will be hidden by selecting the Read More button. 
  • Once you have finished creating/editing your article, click the Save button at the top of the page to publish/save it on your website.

Joomla Caching Settings

If you visit your articles page you will notice that now only the introduction of the article appears and there is a Read More button that has been added at the point you chose to divide it into two parts. 

Joomla Caching Settings

If you click the the Read More then the entire article will be shown.

Joomla Caching Settings

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