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Wordpress blank page
How to fix a WordPress white (blank) page?

If your WordPress website shows an empty (blank) page then this problem is potentially due to a corrupted plugin that you might have enabled. To be sure that this is the reason for your problem, you can follow the steps below.

First you will have to disable your plugins. You can do this through the cPanel > File Manager or an FTP client. Then you will have to navigate to the wp-content/plugins folder. This subfolder contains all your website plugins. To disable your plugins you will have to rename this folder to something different. For example plugins.old .

Then visit your website. If it works correctly, that means that one or more of your plugins caused the problem of the blank pages.

In order to try to fix it you will have to rename the plugins.old back to plugins again and open it. Inside the plugins folder. You will have to move one-by-one the subfolders outside the plugins folder. Every time you move a subfolder outside the plugins folder you will have to load your website to determine if it works correctly and see if the moved plugin was the cause of the problem. If the problem has been solved then the plugin you moved outside the plugins folder is the one that should be removed or replaced.

It would be good to check if the version of the found plugin is compatible with the WordPress version you use. If you want to continue to use this plugin you might have to find an updated version or contact their programmers to let them know and fix the problem you found. 

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