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How to group your Joomla articles in Categories?

If you want to sort the content of your website you can use the Joomla Categories option. This way you can group your content by the meaning/topic of each article. Your visitors will be able to find and read what they are looking for easily. Each time you create new content you can assign a category to it.

Adding an article in a category

The basic function of the article Categories is to group similar content. If you usually write about various topics on your website you may want to add your articles into categories so there is an order in your content.. 

To create a Category for your articles: 

  • Navigate to Content > Categories > Add New Category from the Joomla control panel menu.
  • Inside the category creation page you will have to enter a Title for your new category and if you want add a Description for it in the corresponding fields.
  • Click the Save button and your new category will be ready for use. 
To add an Article into a Category:

  • From the article creation page find the Category option on the right of the article options.
  • Click the drop-down menu and select the Category you want your article to be assigned into. 
  • When you finish editing your article click the Save button to save and post your article.  

Adding a categories list into a page

If you want you can show all your article categories to your website's menu. This way your visitors will have a place where they can find all your posted articles.

To add a Categories List on your website's menu: 

  • Navigate to Menus > Manage > Add New Menu if you want to add a new menu or to Menus > select a existing menu > Add New Menu Item for an already created menu. For example your website's Main Menu. 
  • Inside the Add New Menu Item page enter a Title for the new menu item in the corresponding field.
  • Then click the Select button next to the Menu Item Type tag. 
  • In the window that will be shown select the Articles > List All Categories type.
  • Then next to the Select a Top Level Category tag click the drop-down menu and select Root in order to show all your article Categories.
  • Finally click the Save button to save your new menu item.

If you visit you website's Home Page where your Main Menu is you will see a new menu item for the categories of your articles..

When you click on your new Categories menu, you will see the list of all your categories with a number that indicates how many articles each one has. (You will only see categories that have at least one article published in them.)

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