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How to insert external multimedia in a Joomla article on your website?

An article may contain text, images, videos or audio. To avoid having to upload these multimedia files on your server and wasting valuable storage space you can embed them from other websites. For example you can use videos from Youtube, images from Flickr or music from Spotify. To embed an external multimedia file you need the embed code from the page that hosts it. 

Once you find the embed code from the service that hosts the multimedia you can embed it in your articles by following the steps below. 

  • Navigate to Content > Articles > Add New Article to add a new article or edit an existing one.
  • Type a Title for your article in the editing page.
  • Next click the <> Source Code button of the text editor.
  • In the text box that will open paste the embed code that you copied from the multimedia hosting service. 
  • Then click OK
  • Your multimedia will be loaded inside the article text editor. You can continue editing your article. 
  • When you are ready click the Save button to publish your article with the embedded multimedia.

You can now visit your website and view the new article you just created with an embedded multimedia in it. 

Note: if you paste the code of the multimedia on your article and when you click OK the code is lost it's because the HTML tag is forbidden by the Joomla editor. To avoid this you need to remove the forbidden HTML tag in the TinyMCE editor settings by following the steps below. 

  • Navigate to Extensions > Plugins.
  • In the next page find the Editor - TinyMCE extension.
  • Click it to open the settings page. 
  • Then find the Prohibited Elements tagged field.
  • In the text box you will see the forbidden HTML tags that are deleted automatically when you paste them in your article. Delete everything and type something that is not related to HTML tags, for example water.
  • Finally click the Save & Close button to save your settings.
Try again to embed the external multimedia in your article. This time the integration will be done correctly without the code deletion.

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