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How to install and enable templates in your Joomla website?

By installing a template to your website you can change its appearance in a very little time. If you would like to give a new style to your website you can follow the simple steps below to achieve it.

  1. The first step you should do is download the template you like and you want for your website. You can find thousands of templates on the internet free or paid. 
  2. In the second step of the process you will need to add your new template to your website. To do this you have to navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager. From there you can install your new template as you would with any other extension. You can find more instructions on the corresponding article in our Knowledge Base.
  3. Last step of the process is to enable your new template. Navigate to Extensions > Templates. In this page you will see the list of all the available templates for your website. Once you find your new template click the Star Icon ⭐ under the Default column to set it as the default template.
Now if you visit your website you will see that its appearance has changed based now on the new template you just selected.

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