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How to reorder articles in Drupal?

You can change the order your articles are displayed in your website in two ways. Make an article sticky so that is always on top or change the date of an article so it will climb higher in the hierarchy than the rest of them. Below are the simple steps to accomplish this with both ways.

If you want a posted article to be always on top of the page, you can use the sticky option. To do this:

  • Login to your website and go to Administer > Content management > Content.
  • Select Edit under the Publishing option for the article you want to stick on the top.
  • Then select "Sticky at top of lists".
  • Finally click Save.

If you want to change the order of the already posted articles, the only thing you have to do is change their date. To do this:

  • Login to your website and go Administer > Content management > Content.
  • Select Edit for the article which date you want to change. 
  • Then select Authoring information
  • Edit the "Authored on:" field accordingly and change the date to a newer one. Note that articles with a newer date are shown higher on the page.
For example, if you have 2 articles that you want always to show at the top of the page, you will have to set them as sticky. Then, if you want one of them to be higher than the other, you will have to change it's date to newer one.

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