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How to use and customize the WordPress login panel?

The login panel (dashboard) that is shown when you login as administrator in WordPress can give you a summary of information about your website. 

It contains a collection of frames (gadgets) that provide you with a glance information, such as the number of pages and posts on your blog, the most recent comments, recent news on, etc. If you want you can even create a draft publication on your website immediately.

If you want you can arrange the frames of information according to your preferences. So you can track site activities that interest you the most.

To configure the information frames you want to show in the Control Panel, click the Screen Options at the top of the screen. You will see a tab through which you can select and remove the frames you want.

You can rearrange the information within by simply dragging and dropping them to the desired position. Note that from WordPress version 3.8 and up the control panel is responsive, so depending on the size of your screen you will see a different number of columns available for your frames.

Additionally, some of the plugins that you may install can add more frames of information in the control panel. For example, if you have an online eshop you can display the latest orders, the monthly sales chart, etc.

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