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How to use the Contact component in your Joomla website?
Create a Contact page for your website.

A contact page on your website is very useful to learn news and to receive information from your visitors. The Contact page usually contains information about you or your business like your Address and your Phone number. It also contains fields that can be completed by your visitors to directly contact you. When a visitor fills these fields you receive the information entered via email.

You can create a Contact page for your website too using the Contact extension by following the simple steps below.

Create a Contact form

Before you display the Contact page on your site you need to create the content that it will contain. 

To do this:

  • Navigate to Components > Contacts from the Joomla control panel. 
  • In the next page you will see that there is a ready contact form named Contact Form. If you want you can edit it and add your information. If there isn't a ready form or you want to create your own click the New button on the top left. 
  • Next select a Title for your new Contact form by typing it into the Name field. 
  • Then click the New Contact tab where you will have to type your contact information. The available options are: 
    • Address 
    • Phone number 
    • Email (Be sure to give a valid email address because there will be sent the messages when someone of your visitors fills out your contact form.)
    • Website ... and many more.
  • When you are ready click the Display tab and find the Display Format tag. Change it's option from the drop-down menu to Plain to display the contact form below with your contact information.
  • Then click the Form tab and find the Show Contact Form tag. From the drop-down menu select Show to display your Contact form that your visitors can fill out. There also you can set email addresses, topics or message content prohibited to be sent by your visitors to you.
  • Don't forget to change the Status field from the Edit Contact tab to make your contact form as Published. 
  • Finally click the Save button to save your new Contact form.

Connect your Contact Form to the Main Menu

If you want your visitors to easily find your contact form you can connect it to the Main Menu of your website.

To do this: 

  • Navigate to Menus > Main Menu > Add Menu Item.
  • In the menu item page add a Menu Title for it.
  • Then click the Select button next to the Menu Item Type tag.
  • In the window that appears, select the Contacts > Single Contact type.
  • Then click the Select button next to the Select Contact field.
  • In the window that opens find the Contact form that you created.
  • Finally click the Save button to save the changes to the Main Menu of your website.

If you visit the Home Page where the Main Menu is, you will see the new Contact form category you just added. 

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