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What is the tagline on my Wordpress site and how can I use it?

It's certainly nice to create your own blog. You can express yourself and create something new and different. Surely those who have started building your own blog in Wordpress, you will notice the caption just another wordpress blog, which is automatically created on your blog when you install Wordpress. This legend is exactly what we call tagline. It may seem funny, but when you browse the Internet you will find that the bloggers who forget are too many to change their tagline, so that we have a number of... just another wordpress blog blogs !

A true tagline should provide a little more information on your site, which will raise the interest of readers or easily retained in memory. Furthermore, it could be used for SEO purposes. Instead of wasting this valuable space, think of a creative way to take advantage of it. Even if you do not use SEO, your tagline may contain a smart slogan, which will be memorable and will automatically correlate with the content of your blog or your brand. You can also use it to give emphasis again to the main axes or in order to create your site.

Of course, one of the best ways to take advantage of your tagline, is to use it to make your site SEO friendly, adding to it some keywords. For example, let's say you have a great domain, but without great SEO value. This automatically complicates things a bit, as it is not so easy to upload your site to the ranking without domain containing keywords. In this case, you can add expressions that identify you most and are key for Internet searches in your tagline.

If you do not remember how to change the tagline for your blog, you can select the Settings option in the General section and then make the changes you want. You should always remember to save any changes you make.

If we want to go one step down, let's see if you make a stylish graphic for your header and you do not need a caption. Unfortunately, you can not really delete your tagline. What you can do however is to hide it for the visitors of your website and at the same time to be seen by search engines. To accomplish this, you must make some minor interventions in the theme of your wordpress site.

Before you make any change, you should always keep a copy of your current page file so that you can restore in case some of the changes you will proceed does not work correctly.

What you need to do in this case, is to first locate the file header.php between the files in the folder theme of your site. Then, in this file you should find the part of the code that corresponds to the description for your tagline. Put it in comments and then upload the file header.php again in your folder on the server, replacing the previous one. Barring the unexpected, you will achieve the desired result! Those who have knowledge of CSS, you can also hide the description from your stylesheet

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