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Why a Joomla template has font files inside it and how to install them for use?

If you downloaded and unzipped a Joomla template on your computer you may have noticed that in the package together with the installation files there are other additional files too.

Some of these files are the fonts that were used to design some of the template images. You can not use these fonts for the text of your website, but you may want to use them to create images similar to those that are within your template in order to have a consistency.

To install and use a font on your: 

  • Windows or Mac computer just double click the font file and select Install.
  • Linux computer the installation might be different and may vary depending on the distribution you are using. But generally you simply place the font files into one of the folders below:


    and then run the following command from the terminal to make the fonts available for use in an image editing application.

    $ sudo fc-cache -f -v

Following the installation procedure for your operating system you can now use the font template to create images or other multimedia for your website.

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