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Your Joomla website do not display directly the changes you make

If you make changes to your website and when you visit it or refresh it you do not see the corresponding changes then quite possibly the caching function is the cause of this problem.

Your website loads its content from the cached files until the expiration of the time limit that you set. 

You can check and change the cache settings from the control panel of your website. 

  • Navigate to System > Global Configuration.
  • Then find the Cache Settings category under the System tab.
  • There you can see if the caching function is enabled, modify its settings or disable it temporarily to make your changes. 

If your changes still do not appear on your website, you can clear your cache folder and see if that helps. To do this:

  • Navigate to System > Clear Cache.
  • On the next page, click the Delete All button at the top.
If you visit your website again you will now see the changes you did.

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