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How do I change my cPanel password?

You can change your cPanel password in two ways, either through your IP.GR account in case you do not remember the current one, or through the cPanel account given that you are able to log into cPanel first.

Change password through your IP.GR account

Fist you need to log into your IP.GR account and then go to:

Dashboard > Hosting > My hosting plans

Click "Reset password" at the right hand of your hosting plan, in order to generate a new random password that will be sent to the email address you use to log into your IP.GR account. In the same email you can also find all the other information that you'll need to log into cPanel, like the url, the username etc.

cPanel - send password

Change password through cPanel

In order to set a passoword of your choice for your cPanel login, you first need log into your cPanel account.

Then from the PREFERENCES section go to "Password & Security".

cPanel - change password

Here you need to type the current passoword and then double type the new one until the ribbon on the bottom turns green. Finally, press Change your password now! to save the new password of your cPanel account.

cPanel - type new password

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