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How can I get a preview of my website?
Through .hosts file, preview your website before you publish it online!

To preview your site, you need to add a new record to the "Hosts" file of your system.

The path that you will take to locate the hosts file in the hierarchy your filesystem differs depending on the operating system you use. The hosts files are commonly called "hosts", without any .txt suffix.

  • If your operating system is Unix or Unix-like, you'll find the hosts file in the etc folder, ie follow the path


  • If you use Windows (NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) will find the hosts file here:


  • If your system is one of the Apple oparating systems (eg Mac OS X 10.2 and later), also follow the path /etc/hosts, which is a symbolic link for this path /private/etc/hosts.

  • If your operating system is iOS (from iOs 2.0 and later), you will find the hosts file following also the path /etc/hosts, which is a symbolic link to the path /private/etc/hosts.

  • If it is Android OS, the hosts file is located in the path: /etc/hosts, which is a symbolic link for the path /private/etc/hosts.

After you locate the "Hosts" file, open it with a simple text editor with administration rights . In the file, after the first comment lines marked by the symbol "#", will likely find the record: localhost

Below this line, add 2 new records in this form:

where "" is the IP address of your website site and "" your domain name.

You can find the IP address in the email that you have received during activation of your hosting package and as well from your account page in IP.GR, at:

My account > Hosting > Managment

moving your mouse on the domain name of your subscription.

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