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How can I renew my hosting package?

You can automatically renew your hosting package through your account in IP.GR's website:

  1. Click to login to your account.
  2. Go to: My account > My hosting plans.
  3. Click on the Renewal icon, next to the hosting package you want to renew.

Next, you may follow the step by step process to complete your order in a few clicks.

If you have more than one hosting packages you can add them all in your cart and make a single order for your convenience. If you financially settle your order online, the duration of your package will be automatically renewed.

If your hosting package is suspended, when your order is financially settled online it will be automatically unsuspended as well, so your website appears online again.

In case your domain has expired along with the hosting package |(is in quarantine status), you may have to wait up to 3-6 hours from the completion of the payment for your renewal order, for the DNS network to be updated and your site to appear online.

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