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How to create a Subdomain in cPanel
Why subdomains are needed and how to create them in cPanel

While building a website sometimes is necessary to separate it in different themed categories technically and logically. For example the website of a company may has a blog, a forum or a partner login page. In any of the above situations, the way that the website's subdomains will work is different and depends from the marketing needs of the company or the technical limitations of the website's structure.

Let's see one example, for a blog. The technical implementation of a blog can be done in a completely different application/platform than the main website has been built and there are many companies that choose to build their blog via online applications such as or the In marketing terms it is also desirable the blog's URL to be communicated with a distinct way on social media and advertising campaigns. 

For presentation needs we assume that the company has taken the decision to install a custom script for the blog, in a discrete subdomain of their website. A subdomain can be easily created through the cPanel using the following steps:

  1. Log into your cPanel account.

  2. From the Domains section, go to Domains.

  3. Go to domains

  4. Press the Create A New Domain button.

  5. Create a new domain

  6. In the relevant field, type the name of the new subdomain and uncheck the "Share document root(/home/username/public_html)" option. Right below, the name of the directory where you will upload the files of this subdomain, will be autofilled. You can change it by typing the name of your choice. To complete the process, click Submit.

  7. Type the new subdomain

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