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I have exceeded my disk space. What can I do?

Hosting packages on IP.GR have different escalations regarding the use of the hard disk that allowed in each hosting account. In some hosting packages as the Semi Dedicated Hosting series there is a clear definition of the available disk space per package in MB while in the most common packages there is greater elasticity in hosting space (unmetered) as it there is not clearly limited space, but there is a metric of iNodes for the number of files and folders in each subscription. The need of the iNodes metric emerged from the requirements of modern applications and the variety of data they store, so it is considered a more flexible metric on the use of the hard disk in your hosting package.

Depending on the hosting series that your package belongs there might be a space metric in MB or an iNodes number metric. In either case you will see the usage level within the left bar of cPanel, where clearly states the usage for each metric and graphically represents the usage percentage that your account makes.

How do I reduce the disk usage?

It is possible to reduce the space that an application is consuming, as many times there are files that are not needed for the operation of each website. For example, old backups you have not downloaded to your computer and remain at your hosting package can be deleted after you download them. Also if you have many emails on the server you can set a POP account in order to download them to your computer and then delete them from the hosting package so they do not take up disk space and iNodes. Finally, if you have other files that are not required but are uploaded for various other reasons, you can remove them as well.

How do I get more disk space?

To get more space on the disc or higher iNodes number you can Upgrade your hosting package. You can login to your IP.GR account and see the available upgrade options for your package through the selection of Hosting > Management.

If your package is the largest of it's series, there will not be automatically upgradeable, and you'll need to do a manual upgrade equivalent to site transfer at a larger package series e.g. from the Premium package to SD Value. If you are in the Value or Power package and you need more iNodes something which is very rare, then it does not make sense to upgrade to a larger package of the same line as all packets on that series have the same iNodes number, so you need to transfer your account again to a greater packages series.

The upgrade, where it is available as an option, is automated through your account on the IP.GR's website. Just select the larger package you want to be transferred from the available upgrade options, add it in your cart and complete your order. Once the financial settlement of the order is completed you will automatically upgraded to the new package.

In the case of transfer you will first need to order a new hosting package for the time period you want and then make the transfer to the new hosting package. You can do the transfer yourself if you have the ability or ask us to help. In this case, the transfer time may vary depending on the size of your website data. You can contact us for more details on the hosting package transfer.

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