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In which folder do I upload the files of my site?

If you need to upload files in the server of your hosting package you will need to know in which folder should be uploaded. The specific folder where you uploaded your files differs depending on whether you are working with a primary domain of your hosting package, a subdomain or some additional (addon domain).

  • If you work with a primary domain in your account, then the folder where you need to upload your files is the public_html. This means that when someone visits your website, the server returns the contents of public_html folder.
  • If you work on a subdomain, things are a little different. If for example your subdomain is the, then the folder in which you have to upload your files is the public_html/sub.
  • If this is an addon domain, then, that case is approximately the same as subdomains, ie the main folder is also a subfolder of public_html. For example, if you add the domain, then the file you're looking for is at public_html/

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