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My site is not working. What should I check?

If your page does not open correctly when you type the address on the browser, there may be several reasons. The most common problems are analyzed below with their corresponding workarounds.

My page is completely collapsed.

When you do not see your page at all there is one of the following causes:

  • You can not access the Internet in general.

    Check if your router operates correctly in the manner prescribed and if you can open another website.

  • Your IP is blocked from our server

    An IP address can be blocked for many reasons. If you have a dynamic and not a static IP, one quick solution is to close all applications that communicate with the server (outlook, mobile email downloads, ftp applications etc.) and reboot your router to receive a new IP address and then re-check your page.

    If you can load your page, open one to one your applications again and try to operate them. For example open Outlook / Thunderbird and try to download / send email. Similarly operate gradually and all other applications that you may be using before blocking. This will determine if an application has connection problem with the server and perform any respective actions.

    If you do the above checks, but you can not see the cause of the blockage, you can send us an email at with your IP address to check if it is blocked. To find your IP address you can do a Google Search by typing just "IP Address" and clicking on search. Google will return your IP address at the top of the results.

  • You have recently had DNS changes on your domain, or you just registered it.

    Changes to DNS records for a domain usually needs 3 to 6 hours to fully update the DNS network and in special cases it can take up to 24 hours to be fully propagate (DNS Propagation). The new domains also belong to this category because the DNS information provided to them for the first time online.

    There is also the possibility that your domain is old but you left it expire and then registered it again. In this way the domain considered as new as a result now it has the default name servers of your account and not those who had when it was active. In this case you must set name servers just as you do for each new domain you buy from IP.GR.

  • Connection problem from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) with us

    There is a connection problem from your location with our servers. Each time you visit a page in the Internet, you request to view the Web page in your browser, making a complicated route between routers on the Internet. Although rare as a phenomenon, may one intermediate router to stop working and until the network create some alternate route, you may can not see your website.

  • There is a problem with our servers

    The monitoring of our servers is continuous and seamless (24/7), so if there is any such problem is almost certainly known already and we will try to resolve it. You can of course if you wish to contact us and let us know.

  • Your site moved to another server.

    When a site transferred from one server to another, a common practice is to declare the old server data on your new server to prevent downtime in your domain. If for some reason this process is not done while closing the old server it will need some time period (3-6 hours) to update the DNS network for change. This is a rare possibility but likely possible.

  • Your domain is not written correctly.

    Sounds strange but is very common for someone to write the domain wrong. From habit you might think you write the domain correctly but nonetheless one character to be wrong. Check well what you're typing.

My site returns an error message

There are several types of errors when a page is down.

  • 403 Forbidden Error:

    The 403 Forbidden Error is usually caused by wrong permissions in your account folders. If for example you set permissions to "777" in your domain folder, then this error will appear and will not allow visibility of your site for safety and protection purposes against attacks. The file rights must be set to "644" and folder rights usually "755" or "750 ".

  • 406 Not Acceptable:

    This type of error is usually caused by the mod_security that protects your account. The mod_security is a security shield on your account and it's continuous function is recommended. But there are applications that require mod_security to be disabled. You can disable mod_security from the cPanel in your account, it will be good to not disable it if you can find some alternative.

  • 500 Internal Server Error:

    The 500 Internal Server Errors is general formula errors. They may be associated with file permissions or errors in the .htaccess file. Check more general issues in your account as mentioned or contact us for assistance.

This Account Has Been Suspended

If your account displays the message This Account Has Been Suspended the most likely reason is that Your account has expired because you do not renewed your package.

You can renew your package through your account tab in IP.GR

Hosting > Management

and click the Renew option.

Another reason that an account can be suspend is the extreme use of spambots in your account and the mandatory need for suspension. This is a very rare case and is usually accompanied by a corresponding customer information.

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