Web hosting

What is hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows private individuals and companies to have a website always online, without the equipment needed and the associated costs (e.g Servers, networks connections). These costs are assumed by the web hosting companies, that provide space on their servers as well as a part of their connection to the internet.

The term Web Hosting refers to the process with which a website owner rents space on computers (servers) to place his files. These files constitute the website.

The site owner manages the website through a graphical interface, which can be either commercial or open source(control panel), and provides manageability of email and ftp accounts, visitor analytics of the website, pre-installed

web applications and technologies and more.

The owner of the website may upload files via an FTP client in the hosting server and modify them, may have electronic correspondence (e-mail) or install his favorite web applications on the website (blog, forum, guestbook etc). Some of the most well known hosting control panels are Direct Admin, Plesk, cPanel, Webmin, etc.

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