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What options does cpanel provide me?

What is cPanel?

CPanel is an environment / application through which your can make changes and configurations in the hosting package you have purchased from IP.GR.

It is one of the most popular management platforms for hosting accounts which emphasizes in security and the usability.

Purchasing a hosting package in IP.GR you automatically have access in the cPanel of your package and we usually refer to cPanel as control panel.

Which options does cPanel provide?

Through the control panel you can interfere / customize the following items of your account:

  • Email

    Through cPanel you can create new email accounts, view / edit existing accounts, modify MX records, change passwords of your emails, determine the size of each mail box (mail box quotas) and many more.

  • Domains

    In the domains cPanel section, you can add more domains (addon domains) in your hosting package, if it provides you this option. You can also add Parked domains, create subdomains, redirect domain and other.

  • File Management

    In the files section of cPanel you can get a backup of your data stored in the package, accessand modify your files,get an overview of the resources usage in your account, such as memory (virtual and physical memory), cpu, or hard disk (disk usage). You can also manage / create FTP accounts.

  • Databases

    Through this section you can create as many new data bases as your hosting package allows, to manage them through phpMyAdmin and more.

cPanel is user particularly friendly and popular among control panels of this kind. There are numerous options and applicationsfor a wide range of topics that you can manage from cPanel. It also contains full and handy navigation menu to make it easy for you to use.

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