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PhpMyAdmin is a tool written in php that allows you to manage MySQL databases. You may execute SQL queries, work with fields (add, edit, delete), with tables (create, alter, drop), create additional databases, e.t.c. PhpMyAdmin is primarily aimed to advanced users.

BE CAREFUL! Especially for creating and deleting databases, use exclusively your site's control panel and not PhpMyAdmin. I you use PhPMyAdmin for creating databases, you will not have rights of use for the databases created and it is also possible you lose the rights of use you have for the rest of your databases.

This is why you strongly recommend you to use only the site's control panel.

Domain Pointers

In the control panel main menu, press "Domain Pointers".

Domain Pointers

The domain pointers option gives you the ability to redirect other domain names to your domain. Type the domain you wish to be redirected to your site and press "Add".

Error Pages

The error pages allow you to know what the users may see when encountering certain errors:
401 Unauthorized (user is not permitted to access this certain file or folder).
403 Forbidden (access in the file or folder is forbidden).
404 The file or directory is not found.
500 An error occurred on the server.

In the control panel main menu press "Error Pages":

Error Pages

Select "View" and in the appearing frame, type the text you wish to appear when the relevant error happens.

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