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Creating Outlook Express Email Accounts

1. Before you get started, make sure you are aware of your email address, your username and your accounts password.

2. Start Outlook Express and from menu "Tools", click on the "Account Options" selection.

3. Click on the button "Add" and then on the button "Mail" to open "Internet Connection Wizard".


4. In Name page of the wizard, type your name, as you would like to appear for anyone that receives a message from you and then, click "Next".

5. In E-Mail Address page, type your email address and click "Next".


6. In E-Mail Server Names select POP3 as mail type and insert in incoming mail server "" (

In SMTP server field you fill in the outgoing mail server "" ( Alternatively, you can insert your ISP's mailserver but in that case the procedure might not be as effective as the previous one. Below you can see the list with the most popular Internet Service Providers' mail servers. -> -> -> ->

If your ISP is not included in the above list and you are interested in inserting his mailserver, you can contact your ISP to inform you about his mailserver.

Suggested solution:

In the past, using the provider's mailserver was the most common choice, but with the appearance and prevalence of SPF and DKIM technologies in most mailservers, this choice has dramatically changed. This happens because when using the provider's mailserver, the SPF and DKIM records cannot be confirmed, resulting in either the rejection of many emails from the recipient’s mailserver or the delivery in the Spam folder.

The most proper way to send emails is to use your account’s mailserver e.g. ( and include at least the SPF and DKIM records in your server's zone file.

There is another record named DMARC that combines SPF and DKIM records for enhanced security, so you can add this record as well to your server's zone file. In the future, the verification through DMARC DNS Record is expected to be widely used by the mailservers.

Email  oultook

The number of the messages that you can send is 100 per hour.

7. In Internet Mail Logon page, type your account username and password.
Be careful: Simple users use not just the username, but their complete email address, e.g. Only the admin user uses the username only.

outlook express

8. Click on the "Next" button and then, click "Finish". You are ready to send your first email!


Creating Thunderbird Email Accounts

1. Before you get started, make sure you are aware of the mail address, your username and password.

2. Start Thunderbird and, from Tools menu, click on the "Account Settings" command.

3. Click on the "Add Account" button and then choose "Email Account" from wizard page "New Account Setup" and click on the "Next" button.

E-mail Thunderbird

email account Thunderbird

4. In "Identity", type your name (as you wish to appear in anyone who receives a message from you) and your email address, then click "Next".

Thunderbird email

5. In Server Information page, choose POP as your incoming mail type and in the incoming mail server type, then click "Next".


6. In User Name page, type your account username and click on "Next".
Attention: Simple users type not just their username, but their full email address e.g. Only the admin user types just the username.


7. In Account Name page of the wizard, type the name featuring this account and click "Next".

8. You will see your new account's settings, make sure that everything is proper and click on the "Finish" button to finish creating the account. You are ready to send your first email.

Ready to send your first email!

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