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How can I upgrade my hosting package?

You can upgrade the hosting package you have purchased any time you want.In this case you will be only charged with the difference of the cost of the packages, for the time remaining until your package's expiration date. This means that you will not lose anything in time or money from the package you have already in your paid for.

For most of the packages is provided the option to be automatically upgraded online to a bigger on, unless you already own the biggest package available. However, there are specific hosting packages or older packages, for which you may not have this option. In this case, you will find the information needed for upgrading your package.

Moving a package from a data center to another, requires transferring of the site from one data center to the other, so if you upgrade your hosting package to a bigger in another data center (Greek, European, Semi Dedicated series), then simultaneously to the upgrade will also take place the transfer of the website, for which our intervention will be needed.

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