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MySQL database management - Direct admin
Create,delete,user management,password midification, script installation

Creating mysql Databases

In the control panel main menu, click on " MySQL Management" and then press "Create new Database". Choose such a database name, as to remind you of what the base contains. For example, insert "customers" if the database will be used as a customer database. The database name is alwayw following the username_. If you have chosen the database name to be "customers", the real database name will be username_customers.

The database username is the database login name. It can be the same with the database name. In the previous example, we chose a different login name (gary). As with the database name, the database username is always followed by the username (username_gary).

Once you have chosen the database name and username, type a database username and press "Create":

Creating mysql Databases

Deleting mysql Databases

In the MySQL databases main menu, there is a list of all databases. To delete a database, choose the base's name and press the "Delete" button:

Creating mysql Databases

In the example above, we delete the database named username_data1.

Adding Users In a MySQL Database

Sometimes, you may wish to set more than one login names and passwords for a database. To add users, follow the steps:

1. In the database options main menu, click on the name of the database you wish to modify.
2. Click on "Create New Database User" lying on the top of the screen.
3. Press "Create New Database User", type a password and click on the "Create" button.

Adding Users to a mysql Database

You have the option to see how many users are listed for each database from the MySQL databases main menu.

Deleting Users from a MySQL Database

To delete users, go to the MySQL database options main menu and click on the database name.

Removing Users from a mysql Database

In this example, we choose the "username_chat" database, which has two users (see the above picture).
The username_chat database has two users: username_chat (the user's name is the same with the database name) and username_gary2.

To delete the user, select the user's name and click on "Delete Selected".

Changing Password of a MySQL Database

To change a password, go tot the MySQL database options main menu and click on the database name to see the database users list (as you may see in the picture above.

To change the password, press "modify", type the new password and click on the "Create" button. You do not have to know the old password to make this change.

Inserting fields into the mysql Database

After you have already created a database (through Mysql DataBases), you can manage it through PhpMyAdmin.

Setting up your mysql Database with Scripts

Most scripts need to know four things about your database: the database name, database username, password, and hostname.

The database name is ControlPanelUsername_DatabaseName, where ControlPanelUsername is the sign in name you use to access the control panel.

The DatabaseName is the name you give to the database from the MySQL databases menu. For example, if you sign into the control panel as "gary" and create a database named "count," the true database name is gary_count.

The datatbase username can be the same as the database name or you may choose a different username for the database. The database username takes the form of ControlPanelUsername_DatabaseUserName.

The datatbase password is set during database creation. The password should be different than your control panel password. The script will need to know the database password in order to modify the database.

The datatbase hostname tells the script where to access the database. Usually this is designated as 'localhost' because the script and database are located on the same server. If the script doesn't allow a text entry in the hostname configuration, enter the IP address of your site.

Note: After you create a database, the control panel will take you to a screen that gives you all this information. Simply take the values from this page and enter them into your script configuration.

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