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What is included in backup I get from the cpanel?

The backups that you can take on the cPanel is divided into two categories.

  1. Full cPanel Βackup (and IP.GR's safety Backup)
  2. Partial Backups:
    • Home Directory Backup
    • Database Backup
    • Email Forwarders Backup
    • Email Filters Backup

See how to take a backup of your account on cPanel.

Full cPanel Βackup

Anyone who is able to sign in to cPanel can take a Full cPanel Backup. A common use of this is to Backup and transfer an account from one server to another, since it includes all of your account information and more specific:

  • The home directory of your account, all of your files.
  • The databases (MySQL databases) you have created.
  • Your email accounts you have created.
  • Your email forwarders you have set up for your account.
  • Your email filters you have set up for your emails or your account.

IP.GR's safety backup

That is backup that IP.GR receives for the managed servers in order to be able torecover them if necessary. It contains all your account data such as Full cPanel Backup. The execution and reception of this type of backups, requires administrator rights on server level, so it's not directly accessible by ordinary users of cPanel. If for some reason you need access to an IP.GR's Security Backup you will need to speak with us.

Partial Backups

  1. Backup του Home Directory

    The home directory backup of your account includes:

    • All the files that belong to your user.
    • Files that don't belong to your user but you have right to access.
    • All the emails located in your account at the time you received the backup.

    If there are files in your account that you do not have access rights then these files will not be included in the backup of Home Directory.

  2. Databases Backup

    You can get a separate backup of any database you have created in your account. Basically the backup of your database is an .sql file which includes all of the Data that the application that manages the database have stored and this file can be restored if necessary.

  3. Backup Email Forwarders

    Is a backup of all Forwarders that you specify in your account

  4. Backup Email Filters

    Is the backup filters that you set in account level (domain account-level). This backup does not include filters that are set at email user level (user account-level).

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