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What is PHP opcache?

Opcache is a caching mechanism for your website, which works similar to other caching methods. Once compiled php pages of your site is stored in its server's memory in machine code (opcode) format.

Opcache stores these opcodes, the prepared pages, reducing their loading speed when they are requested for execution by the server.

The creation of the machine code files is done the first time that a php page is requested and then the file will be ready when that page is requested again. In case a php page modified then it will compiled and saved again in the cache of the server as opcode.

How opcache helps your website?

Of course in speed! It is known that machine code is faster to run as well it does not need to be compiled by the server. So converting php files to machine code (opcode) does not need each time a page is requested to be read and compiled.

Therefore improvement is felt in the speed of your web site, and significantly the consumption of your hosting package resources is reduced.

How to activate opcache for your own website?

Opcache is a PHP extention available from version 5.5 and later. Make sure you have at least version 5.5 of PHP by going to cPanel > Server Information & PHP Version.

To activate opcache or to change the version of PHP for your hosting go to cPanel > Software > Select PHP Version. Here you can change the version of your PHP - prefer the latest version possible - and enable the opcache extension.

IP.GR has enabled the PHP version 7.2 offering opcache extention, with every hosting package purchase.

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