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Why should I purchase my own hosting package?

It is technically feasible for someone to connect his computer to the Internet and host a website in it. However, a household Internet connection and a home computer do not ensure neither the speed nor the computing power required, to allow Internet users browse the contents of these websites without interruptions.

This is the very reason of the existence of companies, among them is also IP.GR, which provide hosting services (hosting). These companies possess very powerful servers, in which they store the contents of your websites. These servers are connected to the Internet with high-speed connections, thus many internet users can access your website simultaneously.

So if you want to have your own website, you will need your own hosting package from a reliable company, such as IP.GR. Find now your hosting package here!

When you purchase a web hosting package from IP.GR, you don’t only get the space on the server in which the files of your site will be hosted. Υou also obtain more "added value" services, such as hosting of your emails, your own webmail and control panel, FTP access to the server, many free applications, management, maintenance and monitoring of the servers and of course technical support through email or ticket, over the phone, or by exploring the useful material contained in our knowledge base.

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