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Domain names with greek characters
What is punycode format, homographs domain, the name link domain.

Domains with greek characters

Domain names with greek characters

Since 04/04/2005, it is possible to register names in Greek characters (Greek domain registration), as for example is the domain "όνομα.gr". What in fact registers someone who applies for a domain name containing Greek characters is the punycode form of the corresponding unpunctuated lowercase Greek domain. For example, the domain name "όνομα.gr" corresponds to xn--mxavchb.gr wwhich is the punycode form of the unpunctuated "ονομα.gr".

The only actual application of a domain with Greek characters, is the appearance in the browser bar of the "www.ονομα.gr", when the browser supports this function.

For all the rest applications, the punycode form of the domain should be used. For example, the email address will be "myemail@xn--mxavchb.gr" and not "myemail@ονομα.gr", the ftp server will be "ftp.xn--mxavchb.gr" and not "ftp.ονομα.gr" etc.

In Article 3 of Decision 351/76 by NTPC the composition of the domain names that can be registered is described, as long as the policy concerning the domain name homographs and the forms created by the combination of the unpunctuated lowercase form that is registered, with punctuation in different characters of those in the form described in the registration application. With the term "homographs" the names that are visually the same. Par example, homograph of the [ μερα.gr ] is the [ mepa.gr ], due to their visual similarity in capital form and not [ mera.gr ] (homonymous.)

According to the decision, the domain name applied for, is assigned to the customer in its lowercase and in case it contains punctuation, the lowercase unpunctuated form is assigned too. Either it is a domain in Greek characters or a domain in Latin that has a homograph form, main form is considered to be the lowercase unpunctuated form of the registration application, so in any Registry application the inspections are done concerning this form and the reference to this domain name should be in lowercase unpunctuated form.

Once from the lowercase unpunctuated form of the application derive any homographs, or alternative punctuation, then those names are bound and when activated, they are added to the bundle names of this specific domain name.

First Example:
Once the cession of the name [ άννα.gr ] is applied for, the form asked is registered, as long as the unpunctuated lowercase [ αννα.gr ]. With the registration, also forms like [ άννά.gr ], [ αννά.gr ] (alternative punctuation) are bound, among with the homographs in Latin such as [ avva.gr ]. these forms can be activated if the registered asks for with an application. The reference to this domain name (in renewal applications, change of registrant etc.) has to be in the lowercase unpunctuated form [ αννα.gr ].
Second Example:
Similarly , if the domain name [ avva.gr ] is registered, also simultaneously are bound and can be activated the homographs in Greek characters as [ αννα.gr ], [ άννα.gr ]. The reference to this name in any Registry applications should be in the lowercase unpunctuated form that is specified in the application, [ avva.gr ].

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