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I want cubecart hosting! Host now your cubecart website in IP.GR fast, cheap and easy!

What is the cubecart?

CubeCart is an application for e-shop development with many powerful features, which enables a website's creator to install and manage easily an online store.

In CubeCart's advantages are included the easy customization and adaptation to the needs of each e-shop, the ability to post unlimited products and currencies, as well as the many integrated payment systems such as PayPal, and the other.

It is a very user-friendly application, very simple to manage, while incorporating many more tools that enable businesses to trade their products and services successfully through the Internet.

Why i need a hosting account for cubecart my website?

Before you can install CubeCart to create your online store, you need hosting space in a web server with PHP, MySQL and Apache. The IP.GR offers hosting packs for your CubeCart website, which provide everything you need for its proper functioning.

Besides the basic requirements, when you host your CubeCart site in IP.GR, you enjoy quality, speed and reliability and support in each step of the construction and management of your online store!

Through your hosting pack's control panel, you may use the automatic installation application (auto installer) to install CubeCart with a click. Otherwise, you can download the application on your computer, implement the e-shop and then you can upload / transfer it to the hosting space provided to you by IP.GR.

cubecart hosting - Buy web hosting for cubecart site!

Hosting plan for cubecart my website from 2.90 euro per month

All hosting plans are hosted to modern infrustructurres in any data center you may choose. See what each data center offers and make the best choice for your website hosting.

  • cubecart hosting in european data center from 2.90 euro per month
  • cubecart hosting in greek data center from 3.50 euro per month

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